missfaerytale (missfaerytale) wrote in veg_lolita,

New to the Community, New-ish to Lolita, Not Very New to Vegetarianism

Hello! I'm Czessie, a fourteen-year-old who has been dressing in Sweet Lolita for about nine months now. I lust for prints so sweet that they can give you diabetes, but the Miracle Candy OP in red is my true love!

I first experimented with being a vegetarian when I decided to give up meat for Lent in 6th grade. It really wasn't that hard, and I became a full vegetarian when I was twelve. I thought, if it's wrong to eat humans, why is it okay to eat animals? Both humans and animals are living creatures, and I believe that animals have emotions just as much as humans do. Giving up meat was hard at first, but gradually I realized I felt better about myself since I wasn't eating animals. Now, I am a lacto-ovo vegetarian, but the only eggs I eat are unfertilized.

Still, I need to learn a lot, such as cooking vegetarian meals, and where to find yummy vegetarian meat substitutes, because really, I find Boca Burgers sort of nasty. Hopefully you lovely individuals can help me there!
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