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Belated Easter yum yums

Hello again,

Not long ago I was contacted about submitting an easy, simple, vegan recipe to for their coverage of the 2011 World Wide Vegan Bake Sale effort. So of course I jumped at the challenge. I don't think mine ever got picked, but it was still so much fun writing up this recipe. This also coincided with our most recent fund raising bake sale.

So we've been pretty busy over here! I thought I would share this with you guys. Hope you like it.

I wanted to make something that would taste
similar to the goodies I would find in my Easter Basket as a child.
These taste even better than the ones I used to eat. This is a recipe
that would be suitable for families and marshmallow lovers of all
ages! I made these for my bake sale on April 16, 2011.


1 bag of Vegan Marshmallows (Such as Dandies Vanilla air puffed
Marshmallows, but any vegan marshamallows will work)

1 bag (apx 12oz) of vegan chocolate chips

Optional: Sprinkles! (Such as 'Let's do....Organic Sprinkelz' brand)


1 Heavy bottom microwave safe glass bowl

1 Spatula or spoon

Wax paper

Heat safe oven gloves


Line a baking sheet with wax paper and set aside until needed.

Pour the chocolate chips into the glass bowl and microwave for 2
minutes. A glass bowl is very important! The chocolate will burn and
possibly even melt right through a plastic bowl (Believe me, this has
happened to me!). When ready, carefully remove the bowl of chocolate
from the microwave with the heat safe gloves. The bowl WILL be hot.
The chips will still be in the shape of 'chips', stir them until you
get a smooth and creamy consistency.

Now you will take three (or more/less if you desire) marshmallows and
squeeze them together. They should stick together slightly, but if
they do not then you can rub or spritz them with a little water and
that should make them tacky enough to do so.

Next, drop your marshmallow cluster in the chocolate and with your
spatula or spoon, roll around until covered. Once covered pull out
with your utensil and place on the wax paper lined baking sheet. At
this point, while they are still warm, you can add sprinkles if you
desire. Continue until you have used up all your
chocolate/marshmallows. Place the baking sheet with the marshmallows
in the fridge and chill at least 1 hour before eating.

Yeilds: apx 1 1/2 dozen

Thank for looking!
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