sweets_paradise (sweets_paradise) wrote in veg_lolita,

Introducing myself.

Since everyone else seems to have introduced themselves, I thought that I would do so too. My name is Olivia, nice to meet you all!

I'm a newbie to lolita (I only just recieved my first order recently and I don't even have a petticoat yet!) but I've been a vegetarian for around 5 years now. I just decided when I was around 10 that I wanted to be a vegetarian, there are no vegetarians in my family and I barely ever meet any but I just decided for myself that I wanted to be one and I am VERY glad to have made that decision.

Changing from a meat eater to a vegetarian wasn't hard at all for me and I know now that I could never go back to a meat eating lifestyle. Plus, vegetarian speciality foods (though not limited to vegetarians) are always the tastiest, meat has nothing on this!
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