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Hello, All!

My name is Jeshika, also known as Ms. Velveteen, and I'm a vegetarian Lolita.

I've been vegetarian my whole life; my parents decided that they wouldn't have me eat meat until I was about two or so, and when I ate my first bite, I decided I didn't like it (at all), and that was that. I only found out about what goes on in meat factories when I was, oh, about eleven. It didn't make much of a difference, to be honest, as my taste buds (and nose) have long deemed meat disgusting, anyway.

I'm more into Classic Lolita than any other style, but my wardrobe is mostly Gothic, which is in second place. I've been a Lolita for a year, although I've still got one Ita blouse from when I first started wearing the style. My favorite brand, which I like to sit and stare at, is Victorian Maiden.

I hope to share many a recipe with you all.
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