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Woop Woop!

Hello!  I am a 25-year-old vegetarian, though the only animal product I eat (very sparingly) is cheese (and I live in WI, what do ya expect?)  I have been a vegetarian since 17 and for the past couple years have been striving for more vegan fare.  I eat vegan when I am at home, but if I go out to a restaurant, I have very little choice as far as a menu goes, so often I'm stuck eating something I don't really want.  I would love to open a vegan restaurant for this reason alone.  Restaurants just don't cater to my tastes.

I love to cook and am always aiming to make very healthy and delicious meals.  I love making ethnic dishes with a vegan twist, and my boyfriend is a very willing guinea pig for new recipes.  And what's more, he loves all the food I make and sometimes will accuse me of trying to "turn him" with such yummy food =)

I'm not a fan of baked goods, so my knowledge of sugar and flour is pretty limited.

My favorite cookbook (which I believe *everyone* should own, regardless if they're vegan or not) is Deborah Madison's Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone.  It's so thorough.  My boyfriend bought me a book called 500 Vegan Recipes for Christmas, but Deborah's book still trumps it (plus, half of that book is for things I would never make anyway, like baked goods....)

And as far as Lolita goes, I make my own clothing, though I do have a few Body Line pieces.  I also have an Etsy shop (same username as here) and work on commission too =)
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